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Tim middleton

Instructor Trainer


Our Staff

  • Air & Nitrox Fills
  • Annual programs
  • Regulator Service
  • Cylinder Service
  • Open-water certification
  • Multiple SCUBA programs
  • Paintball Cylinder Fills
  • CPR and other safety training
  • SCUBA certification programs
  • Travel insurance
  • Group trips

​Underwater Antics Scuba Shop Serving Scuba Divers throughout the Mid Michigan Area

About our SCUBA SHOP

Underwater Antics is an official NAUI Dive Scuba Shop committed to training scuba divers at a fun and safe pace. We believe that it is important to progress through your dive training at a pace that makes you a comfortable and confident diver. Conveniently located between Midland and Mt. Pleasant, serving the greater Mid-Michigan area. 


Underwater Antics is a concept that started years ago and only recently evolved into the brick and mortar facility that exists today. Almost two years ago we purchased the building we are in and began the remodeling process that would turn an old restaurant into the dive facility it is today. First, we did enough remodeling so that we could keep our established rock & mineral sister company, Great Lakes Underground, running while we kept working in the back. We replaced walls. We replaced ceilings. We built the cascade system and fill station. We rebuilt a Bauer compressor. The list goes on. Finally, we arrived at the point we are at today, ready to serve you! Come see us and experience the underwater world with Underwater Antics!

Jerry  Dimaria

Divemaster in Training

Underwater Antics

639 W. Isabella Rd.

Midland, MI  48640

Phone:  989-832-4149


Casey Collings

Divemaster in training

 Underwater Antics

Underwater Antics Scuba Shop serving scuba divers in the Midland, MI, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Bay City, MI, Tri-State area

​​Underwater Antics ​​Scuba Shop  -  Midland  -  Mount Pleasant  -  Saginaw  -  Mid-Michigan

639 W. Isabella Rd.

Midland, MI



Cheryl roggenbuck

Divemaster - Instructor in training. Owner