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​Underwater Antics Scuba Shop Serving Scuba Divers throughout the Mid Michigan Area

Underwater Antics Scuba Shop serving scuba divers in the Midland, MI, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Bay City, MI, Tri-State area

 We do drysuit repairs!

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 Air Fills

 Nitrox Fills (Pre-banked up to 36%)

 Nitrox Partial Pressure Fills >36%

 Pre-banked Normoxic Trimix Coming Soon

Underwater Antics

639 W. Isabella Rd.

Midland, MI  48640

Phone:  989-832-4149

Email:  underwaterantics@gmail.com

639 W. Isabella Rd.

Midland, MI



 Underwater Antics

 We are an authorized repair facility for Scubapro  and Subgear Regulators. We can service most  other brands.

 Visual Cylinder Inspections

 Oxygen Cleaning

 Tumbling and Hydrotesting

 Cylinder Valve Service

​ Eddy Current