Lake Sixteen

Map coming soon!

Map coming soon!

Keweenaw Shore Dives

Petoskey Cross

` 800' off shore

Grand Traverse Bay

​Interactive Map

All directions start from gas station (715 Gratiot, Copper Harbor, MI) 

1. Keweenaw Point – Drive east to the end of US-41 (pavement ends).  Drive on dirt road 5 miles then turn left, follow to Point.  Need 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Beach rock access at site. (Agates, copper, fossils)
2. Missile Site – Same as Keweenaw Point, after left turn you will come to a water puddle where there is a fork in the road.  Take left fork to beach.  (Missile Site – parts of “Scotia” Shipwreck, agates)
3. Compass Trail – Drive east past Fanny Hooe Creek on US-41.  Turn into parking lot for lighthouse viewing dock.  Walk to beach.  Buoy marks beginning of trail.  (make sure you have a map of the trail)
4. Harbor Haus Restaurant – Follow US-41 to 1st Street, turn left, drive to water, easy access.  Swim around dock, go east, look for cribbing from old docks (40 feet), about 100’ from shore.
5. Pebble Beach  - Drive west on M-26 2.6 miles.  (Easy access, parking, quick depth, contour.)
6. Hebard Park – Drive west on M-26, 3 miles.  Take 2nd drive on left, right fork.  Access is across the road from the 1st picnic table.  (Keweenaw county park, bathrooms, picnic area, quick depth, contour, quartz, “Keweenaw treasure”)
7. Dan’s Point – West on M-26, 4.4 miles.  (Contour, depth)
8. Jack’s Crack – West on M-26, 6.55 miles (before sharp left turn).  WARNING:  Possible strong current, poor access.  (Big boulders underwater)
9. Earey County Park - West on M-26, 8.35 miles.  Access first picnic area, east side.  (Bathrooms, picnic area, good parking, rocky shoreline, agates)
10. “Traveiler” Shipwreck – Eagle Harbor Marina – West on M-26, 12.8 miles, turn right, follow paved road around to waters edge (0.7 miles), see four large pine trees at the end of the road by the privy.  Standing in front of the privy as you face west, line up the two largest pine trees, enter the water to the left of the pine trees.  Swim to the drop off, turn right, follow bottom of drop off until you find the wreck.  (Sandy, shallow)
11. “John L. Gross” Shipwreck – West on M-26, 13.9 miles, park on edge of road.  Swim to end of long dock, proceed to cable, follow cable toward harbor entrance, you will pass over ship. (Easy access)
12. Great Sand Bay – West on M-26, 17 miles.  (Sandy beach, parking, easy access, shot copper, agates, float copper)



Gull Lake - Ross Twp Park

Higgins Lake - AmVets

Bear Lake - DNR Boat Launch


Baptist Lake

​639 W. Isabella Rd., Midland, MI  48640